3 Mistakes on Your Resume

You’re summarizing what you’re responsible for and not the value provided to the business.

"I worked with accounting team to ensure payments were accurately paid". ❌

Okay, but why should we care?

"Collaborated with the accounting team to implement a rigorous payment verification process, resulting in a 10% reduction of payment errors in fiscal 2015.” ✅

Use action statements with key results to demonstrate the value you can bring

You’re listing skills that aren’t relevant to the job

I have proficiencies in Adobe Creative Suite, I can run a Youtube Channel, I can design logos. ❌

Aren’t you applying for customer service jobs?

I’m an effective communicator, empathetic, patient, with strong problem solving skills ✅

You’re using a format that can’t be picked up by Applicant Tracking Software

Text on dark colored backgrounds, images, or wacky fonts are hard for robots to read.

A simple style and font is usually the most effective ✅

@thejobsearcher don't make these 3 mistakes on your Resume! #resume #ats #jobsearch ♬ original sound - Kalen

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